where can i park?

there is paid parking (usually free after 6pm, exceptions apply) available on the street in front of the store. we do not have parking for our store in the rear.

Where do you source your matcha?

our matcha is directly imported from japan produced by farms located in uji and yame.

Do you sell whole cakes?

yes, we sell whole roll cakes and whole cheesecakes. please call us to place an order and allow 48 hours to process the request.

What is kinako and kuromitsu?

kinako is a roasted soy bean flour, and kuromitsu is a brown sugar syrup

What is shiratama?

shiratama is a chewy glutinous rice flour ball (mochi)

What do the pastries contain?

Our pastries all contain dairy, eggs, and gluten. Our cheesecakes contain almonds.

Do you have anything vegan?

Our only vegan items are our non-yuzu teas and our lattes (when substituting milk with soy milk).